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QUp offers our partners the optimum suite of limo and taxi dispatching solution from the ground up: Back end Control Center, white label limo and taxi apps for passengers and drivers. Drivers receive booking requests on their smart phones from the prospective passengers or directly from the Command Center Dashboard through the industry’s most efficient auto-dispatching algorithm
QUp provides the most comprehensive fleet dispatching and managing system in the market - complete with low overhead costs. QUp covers all of the bases and is scalable for competitive limo and taxi fleets of all sizes. Also, we offer our partnering fleets the latest tools to collect their own customers’ data.
No. QUp does not work with drivers individually – only licensed Limo or Taxi companies. We team up with fleet owners to provide them with exceptional business dispatching tools to effectively position themselves in a changing and highly competitive world.
Our proprietary systems provide fleets total control over how they execute payments through any gateway they choose (Braintree, Stripe, Authorized.net, Peachpayment, Cielo, B2billing, Payfort, DOKU and others), while still seamlessly processing within the app.
It takes from 1 - 2 weeks to fully install the QUp product suite with all the latest functions..
Of course - yes. The duration of the trial period will vary, as negotiated by you and QUp. To ask for a trial, please click on the “Request a demo” button on our website and provide the company required information. QUp’s tech team will contact you in minutes to walk you through a demo for your limo or taxi fleet.
To make money with the QUp white label driver limo and taxi app, your drivers need to own a smartphone which runs the iOS or Android operating systems. The iOS versions should be 7.0 or later. The Android versions should be 4.0 or later.
Note: In order to control costs, QUp recommends that you equip your cars with Android phones whose prices are reasonable while being of fairly good quality. We can help you connect with reputable Android smartphone suppliers.
The customer support service including real-time support or via-email support will vary depending on which pricing package you choose for your business. Our staffs are always willing to handle your most challenging situations.
We provide your fleet with a powerful Command Center to ensure current phone call bookings will be dispatched to your drivers. After receiving calls from passengers, the dispatchers will input the required information on the Command Center module and assign the ride automatically or manually to the drivers. The assigned driver will receive the request on his limo or taxi driver app and manage the approach to the passenger’s location.
Phone call bookings like these, along with limo and taxi app bookings, are integrated into the Dispatching system so that they can be fully tracked by dispatchers at all times.
We offer you detailed manuals which are filled with understandable instructions that can ease your learning of the QUp limo and taxi apps. Additionally, we provide videos with live demos and Skype conferences to visually demonstrate the products’ usage.
QUp’s Dispatching Command Center is a disruptive all – in –one auto – dispatching system which greatly simplifies your fleet management processes. With the QUp Command Center, you can accept booking requests from both the passenger app and phone calls then enjoy the automated dispatching system.
Also, drivers and cars can be tracked on local maps, and communication is constantly maintained.
Definitely. After QUp provides you with the Dispatching Command Center, you can immediately start your business management by inputting your drivers, cars, passengers and other related information into the necessary fields. The data you enter is restricted and unavailable to other parties. Only people who are certified by your company can view or make changes to your database.
You own your customer data – all of it.
All data stored on the Command Center belongs to you and your delegates. It can be exported out of our system in several different formats.
Passengers’ feedback from their limo or taxi apps will be sent directly to the Command Center, while preserving personal information and confidentiality. The rating system is characterized by the number of “likes” or “dislikes”.
The system operates based on the integrity of the internet connection. However, you do not need to worry about losing your operating data. We offer you a data backup system that is coordinated with the Command Center. Your data will be automatically backed and may be retrieved as needed.
Fleet owners will receive the fare.
QUp assesses its fee bases on the number of transactions completed by the company.
QUp highly appreciates its partners so there will be regular discounts for them to enhance the strength of the collaboration.
We also provide a lot more back –end support such as technology, marketing and design to help you run your business smoothly and profitably.
Yes. We have a robust White Label policy to help you make your limo and taxi app customizable
It is not until you make money that QUp starts to make money. So there will be no initial cost for anything.
The limo and taxi app for passengers has an inbox where all your newsletters or promotions are filed. You can create your own advertising news and have the material acknowledged by your passengers with our support.
Yes, you can. At present, more than 15 languages are supported by QUp for our customers’ convenience. You can either use our supported language(s) for your apps or add your own language translation with ease. Your app language(s) will go live as per your device's language setting.
You can place the dreaded situation of system updating “out of your worry zone”. Updates do not cost you anything and are provided automatically. We create the updated version based on customer feedback and our product roadmap. All you have to do is tap on your phone screen to get the latest version.
Your plan may be upgraded or downgraded at anytime. Just place a plan upgrade or downgrade request, and we will do the rest.
It is you who own all the rights to extend, upgrade, suspend or cancel your account. No penalty is applied. Our policies are designed to provide you with the best in convenience and flexibility.
Obviously, no. QUp just provides you with products that help to empower your business. How you modify your business strategies is confidential and QUp does not take part in those activities.

Still need more information about the QUp dispatching system and the white label apps? Please contact us: support@QUpworld.com